Thursday, April 8, 2010

31 March 2010: D-Day i am..updating this blog after been deserted by its own owner for ages..bak kate my sister, "agaknye dh ade living creature dh pn kt blog along tuh.."Anyway,d last entry was about me envying others for graduating, convo,etc n believe it or not, Alhamdulillah, now i have graduated from d medical school n insyaAllah will start working in june n attending d convo in august..

The whole 1 week of theory paper, osce day(long case n short cases) and 31 march 2010 are the moments which wouldn't be easily forgotten esp when the dean, Prof Lokman announced d names of each one of us who was announced in Dewan Auditorium UKMMC at 4.15pm according to our matric numbers. Among me and my 3 best friends(asmal, nadiah zaki & marina), nad's name was announced first, followed by me, asmal n lastly marina..The palpitation i had was getting more n more worse as the numbers were getting near to mine..the feeling couldn't be described with words which i'm sure most of us would have agree..the moment nad was announced passed, i prayed really hard for me n others to also pass and be able to share this joy together..and the moment my name was announced, all emotions were there at the same time..thankful, relieved, joy with tears, but still anxious for still not knowing the results of the other two..and when marina's name was called, only then i was able to be truly happy..immediately after the dean had called the last person and dismiss us, i called my parents, and grandparents telling them the big news..they were so happy to know that i made it, n i was (n still am) even more happy for making them happy..later, i found out that my father was looking at his blackberry on his desk all the time waiting for my call that evening while my mother was anxiously waiting at home and expressing her anxiety in her fb status..hehe..when i got home that day, they were already there waiting for parents had even post to their fb about my result and getting congratz from d relatives (faster than me, huh)..haha..
Being only a few days from my birthday, i take this as the biggest birthday present ever esp when i saw the happy faces of my parents & when they said they are proud of me..


alialalala said...

anda telah kembali
welcome back
congratulations dr hakimah

amni inma said...

haha...thanx dr.lala...