Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back in HUKM..

Well, i'm back in KTDI and looking forward to being a 4th year student..actually i've been nauseating since this morning..dont know what kind of feeling i it nervous or excited or am I afraid, i dont's not like i've never been to the ward but maybe because i've been enjoying for these two months of holidays..i'll start with psychiatry posting tomorrow and i actually kind of nervous plus with the new posting mates..earlier this evening there was a tv program about psychiatrists who worked in a hospital in JB and one of them interviewed was no other than my father's cousin who was graduated from UKM too..of course i knew what she was but we never speak of how she deals with her patient and all..then on the tv program, they showed her routines in the hospital dealing with the patients and interviewed her of her work..the reporter had asked whether she feel afraid dealing with the mentally ill patients and she said only in the beginning and as times goes by she became used to the patients and not at all afraid of them anymore..the interview at least had inspired me to start the new year tomorrow with a new spirit..but to tell the truth, i cant get rid of the seems that it's not only me who feel that way..have been chatting with syafiqah just now and she is very anxious too..okay, that's all for tonight..i hope to adapt with the new posting mates and settle down quickly enough..till the next posting..daa~

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


x tahu la knape malas sgt nk update blog nih...walaupun ade cite nk tulih tp hanye t'smpan dlm kepale je..huhu..k la..cutih nih aku x berbuat ape2 selain duk rmh, tolong mak aku, teman atuk aku berbual, makan, tidur dan lain2 keje yg aku rase nk buat bile aku rajin..hehe..

ingat x rmh puzzle kayu 3D yg aku buat dulu tuh? aku ade buat lg satu..n skrg aku rase x cntik klu dibiarkan begitu saje, so aku plan nk syelek and varnish tp bhn2nye x de lg, so tergendala dulu..
selama cuti nih aku ade menghabiskan satu trilogy cerite yg setiap bukunye adelah setebal buku harry potter byangkanla aku menghabiskan kesemue 3 buku tuh dlm mase lbeh kurang 2 minggu..cite die mestila jenis yg aku suke iaitu ala2 harry potter..aku suke citer yg watak utama die kanak2 or teenager lg2 if it is non-fictioned story. i like to imagine things as i read, so in a non-fiction/fantasy stories i was free to imagine things as i like..buku cite yg aku bace tuh mmg aku x pernah dengar sebelum ni. memule aku nk beli buku lain tp at the last minute while queueing to pay the book, there's suddenly this one book that caught my eyes. and when i pick it up, i decided to buy it instead of the former book..well, i guess it's really the book that choose the reader after all..haha..never heard of that quote..well, buku itulah permulaan trilogy tuh and the next wekend aku pergi lagi ke kedai buku untuk membeli sambungannya iaitu buku kedue dan the last one..ia mengisahkan seorang teenager girl yg dtg dr masyarakat kelas bawahan and discover that she is a magician who is supposed to be only within the high class community in the place where she lived. the story was how her journey and life adapting to her new community and at the same time try not to abandon her community where she comes was a great story eventhough the english is quite high for least aku fahamla jln citenye..

and then baru2 nih aku rase teringin nk lukis gmbar gune krayon..izzati la yg memule ajar aku gune krayon nih..memule tuh die tunjuk je lukisan2 die and suruh aku comment, but then rase cam seronok je so aku try my first lukisan mase kt tnjung karang..aku suke lukis gambar2 dari hasil karya thomas kinkade..Thomas kinkade nih kebanyakan karyanye adela berunsurkan country cottage2 with flowers blooming surrounding the house, gazebos, sceneries, etc..lukisannye x byk org or animals (which i like coz aku mmg x reti lukis org and animals)..and
tempat2 sebeginila yg selama ini mmg memjadi mimpi aku untuk kesana dan mengalami cara hidup aku tahu itu semue is just in my balik ke jln cite, aku pn siapkanla lukisan krayon aku yg ketige..

satu lagi kegiatan aku yg hampir setiap hari aku buat semase cuti nih ialah mendesign dan meluahkan kreativiti setakat yg ade kat website ..aku memule dpt tau site nih drpd application kat friendster..and since then, aku aktif di site itu..sekarang dh ade 5 minihomes yg sebenarnye satu je drpd 5 tanah tuh adalah benar2 minihome..yg lain2 tuh, ade library, boutique , village and x tau lagi satu tuh nak buat ape..still mencarik idea..

dan berikut adalah gmbar2 di hari lahir saya pd tanggal 5 april yg lalu..(haha..hari lahir??)me and my sis (mahira is not in the picture)

presents from my sisters and mom