Sunday, August 16, 2009


yeah,d brpe lame x update?hmm..almost for 8 months..
why?simple,juz x rase nk berblogging..dun know why had that feeling though..
ok, enuf bout that..
i'm very lonely now..
all my housemates were sent for posting outside..
teluk intan, slim river and tanjung karang..
n kebetulan they all went at d same time..
so here i am..alone in my room..
so bored n not knowing wut to do..
(padahal byk je bende nk kene wat..hehe)

eventhough this weekend is not like a weekend..
all thanx to the Mecca( medical career carnival)..
well, at least my housemates were here..
(were forced to attend that thing)
n spending d whole weekend with housemates n bestfriends..
very nice..
since start postings ni, everyone were busy with their own life,
even ngn housemates pn pernah 2 hari baru berjumpe..

i'm kind of worried rite now..
with my study grup..
which seems not progressing at all..
i'm one that really depends on study group..
not 100% dependent, but it surely does helps me a lot..
pro-exam is juz a few months away..*sigh*

it's convo fever rite now..
quite a numbers of my frens actually graduate dis year..
including ones who are really close to me rite now..
glad to see their happy faces on d big day..
even x dpt pegi, at least looking at their pics inspires me..
am very happy for them..
fret not, amni, ur time is soon to come..
walaupun x sabar nk tinggu that day comes,
it also fears me wif d responsibility that comes wif it..
for me it means-u re now released into the world of reality..
n am i actually ready for that?