Tuesday, May 11, 2010

new hobby ;)

Crafts has always been my interest..up untill now, i've tried quite a few kind of crafts such as card making, crayon paintings, crosstitches..and currently, making handmade bags/pouches..for those who know me very well, they know i'm very obsessed with bags. but not many out there suits my taste( yet, still got a lot of bags in my collection ;) ), so i wish to make a few myself during this holiday..

i'm not really into sewing esp wif machine, but to make things i want,i'm starting to learn how to use one from my mom..now, i've started making small things and am just getting the hang of using a sewing machine..tutorials from the internet and my mom helps a great lot for newbies like me..and there are endless of ideas from the net that i just cant get enough of browsing through them..

my mom has been soooo generous and kind to buy me the materials for getting started..owh, and also my dad...thanx Mak & Ayah..luv u guys always..and it was very fun when me, my mom and my sister were all making crafts..lucky for us to have a common interest ;) so, ok, these pics are what i've made (wif my mom's help) for now..

Straight Sided Triangular (prism) Cosmetic Bag

these were based on the tute i found here.

Buttons bracelet:

Ring Cushion

hmm, there's another one but no photos taken yet..it's a bag from the travelling agency, Reliance, which i will bring to Beijing today..since everyone in our group got the same bag, i did a few 'touch up' to personalize it ;)

p/s: will be going to beijing today for 5 days wif my dear frens( asmal, marina, nad and syafiqah)...excited and anxious...it's the first time that i went oversea without my family..okay guys, wish me a safe journey ~