Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nami's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole house were woken up by my mom's joyful screaming this morning:

Mak : Bang! Nami balik bang! ( with a very loud voice calling for my dad)

Then my sisters and I woke up both surprised by the noise made by mom and also the message in it..

Fariza : Apa? Nami?
Adina : Ha?

We rush downstairs ( except my dad who was in the toilet at the moment) and there he was, the long lost beloved cat, Nami!

Me, Fariza, Adina, Mahira : Nami!!!

He was so thin, ill-looking and meowing with hoarseness as if he had sore throat..he was following my mom (asking for food). Unfortunately his food (whiskers' biscuits and fish) had been all given to my aunt for her cats. Mom search for any small fish
in the freezer that can be given to him and found 2 fish which she then boiled and feed Nami. He ate as if he had not been eating for years! Then, my sister bathed him for he was so dirty! ( stray cat la katekan..) Lucky for him, my parents were about to go to market this morning so, my mom bought Nami's fish and stopped by the pet's shop to buy whiskers' biscuits. After coming back from market and had their breakfast, Mom and Dad brought Nami to the Vet for medical check-up. He was given IV fluid 200 ml as the doctor said he was dehydrated. The doc also said Nami had reduced about 2 kg based on the record he had and his health is very poor . Nami has a fever and has lice infestation with also 'kurap'. So Nami currently is caged until the fever has subsided and he had being shampooed and free from the kutu and kurap..

We were surprised and are very delightful with Nami's return..Before this morning, we had already accepted the idea that we might never see him again and dare not to hope highly..who expect to find him after 87 days he was missing..everything might had happened to him and we can only wish for his safety and survival..Once my mom said that she, out of nowhere, suddenly thought of Nami and believed that it might be Nami too was thinking of home..I guess maybe it's true since the bond between my mom and Nami was so strong..But today, his return was very unbelievable..My father almost immediately spread the delightful news to our close relatives..See how joyful my father was..We considered those period of time which Nami was missing as the time when Nami went for an adventure and now had returned..My Dad joked by saying if only Nami can talk and just like us all, surely he had made a blog himself to tell the adventure he had..haha..

Owh, i forgot to tell my mom's story of the 'Jejak Kasih' moment..As part of her weekend routine, she was going to the wet market this morning with my Dad..After she had take her bath and wait for my Dad, she went downstairs. As she was in the kitchen, she heard a cat's meow and thought that it was just like Nami's voice..She was just taking chance by looking through the back door and was very surprised to see Nami! She quickly find the door keys and opened them to get to Nami closely and to make sure it was really him..once she opened the door, Nami charged through the door and went inside and start scratching at the chair as he was used to. When my mom had confirmed it was Nami then went the screaming which woke us all..

Well, last but not least, WELCOME BACK, NAMI!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

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